About Us

Quintessential Publishing started as Quintessential Writing Services in 2009. The journey began with featured assignments in several national publications on the health, wellness, lifestyle and medical beat. The work steadily expanded as word of mouth grew the reputation of its primary contributor.

Next came requests to write resumes and cover letters to help those in need of employment put their best foot forward as they sought to apply for job opportunities.

Along the way, opportunities to help aspiring authors edit manuscripts and work with other start up agencies to prepare books for mass publication seemed to be a natural progression for the firm.

The year 2015 marked the transition of QWS to Quintessential Publishing & Media, as rising entrepreneurs sought out the firm’s founder, Rhonda Alexander, to take over the entire process of preparing manuscripts from concept to publication, and even much of the marketing strategy, which included press releases, marketing campaigns and media training for entrepreneurs who sought out opportunities to build their brand with professional speaking engagements.

With a small team that grew based on the needs of each project, Quintessential Publishing & Media began to carve out a unique niche that attracted national and international clients as the firm’s reputation for working in excellence grew to what it is known for today: A boutique firm for rising entrepreneurs who have the desire to raise brand awareness for their field of expertise.